"The Notebook meets Forrest Gump."

Old John describes how he married Holly Woode, “most beautiful woman in the world.”
Jill becomes captivated by John’s tales, but he makes a poignant admission: Holly can no longer remember any it.
When Jill uncovers the unfathomable truth about Holly, it will forever alter her perception of life.

Storm Crashers

Eyes of Poseidon

Why would a successful doctor and husband, leap from a ship in the dead of night? A fear of the Russian mob, or a more complex plan?

FIVE-STARS – “A spectacular thriller" 

A young couple finds a bag containing a fortune off the coast of Key West. In a panic, they report it to authorities –but only half. The infuriated dealers send assassins to reclaim their money. 

Winner Best Popular Fiction and optioned by 20th Century Fox. The Storm Crashers are high-tech burglars who prey on wealthy areas evacuated for hurricanes. No alarms, no cops or witnesses -until now.

Richard Wickliffe​ 

​​Author of Cinematic Fiction

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Don't Be Home for Christmas

You think your holidays are stressful?
Kyle Colbert just wants to go home for Christmas. So why does everyone suddenly want to kill him?

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Memories of Holly Woode

Tropical Windfall