Don't Be Home for Christmas

Eyes of Poseidon

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Tropical Windfall

​​Author of Cinematic Fiction

You think your holidays are stressful?
Kyle Colbert just wants to go home for Christmas. So why does everyone suddenly want to kill him?

FIVE STARS - Readers Favorite Book Reviews 

Why would a successful doctor and husband, leap from a ship in the dead of night? A fear of the Russian mob, or a more complex plan?

FIVE-STARS – “A spectacular thriller" 

Winner Best Popular Fiction and optioned by 20th Century Fox. The Storm Crashers are high-tech burglars who prey on wealthy areas evacuated for hurricanes. No alarms, no cops or witnesses -until now.

Richard Wickliffe​ 

Storm Crashers

A young couple finds a bag containing a fortune off the coast of Key West. In a panic, they report it to authorities –but only half. The infuriated dealers send assassins to reclaim their money.