What would you do?

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Meet the Villain

"Tropical Windfall is a fun and refreshing read that will keep you on the edge of your seat"
            -Top Books Worth Reading, April 2013

Now see photos of places depicted in the book 
-including the inspiration behind villain "Dablo Cuda." Click here.

A young couple finds a bag containing a fortune off the coast of Key West. In a panic, they report it to authorities –but only half.

To reward their honesty, they're told they can keep the money if no one claims it in 90 days.  Confident that dealers will never claim the money, they make plans for their new fortune.  

But the infuriated dealers send assassins to reclaim their money. The newlyweds can’t run to the police because they selfishly concealed half. The suspense builds as horrific villains create a nightmare for the young couple in their supposed paradise.

"Every crime cliché is turned upside down: The crime boss is the opposite of a hulking drug lord. Our intelligent hero is the wife, not her insecure husband.  The cops aren’t fearless and the good guys have uncertain ethics. Could there be any way to escape based on real legal and financial principles?"