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NEWS: GOLD winner - Best Popular Fiction in the Florida Book Awards. Previous winners include Carl Hiaasen, Brad Meltzer and Randy Wayne White. The screenplay, novel and game rights for "Storm Crashers" were originally optioned by 20th Century Fox. 

Story: The Storm Crashers are high-tech burglars who prey on wealthy areas evacuated for hurricanes. No alarms, no cops or witnesses -until now.

Reports of these "mystery soldiers" go unheeded by law enforcement. Though an outcast investigator and a female detective are scolded for believing the stories, they press ahead to stop a heist during a Cat-5, and unravel the mystery with action and twists that could inevitably impact our nation's security.

Contact information: 
Legal (L.A.): Tom Collier, Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern, Beverly Hills
Author now retains all publishing, film and game rights.  

"An original, page-turning thriller. Man against nature, man against man,

man against society, woven together with a twist that will keep you

guessing until the end. " 
Patrick Kendrick
Award-winning author of Acoustic Shadow and Extended Family

"Storm Crashers is a unique thriller featuring nature's deadly power, realistic military action, and a heart pounding plot.  Not since Tom Clancy has such a compelling and unpredictable danger been revealed.” 
United States Senator George LeMieux
“Rich’s concept is innovative, thrilling and scarily plausible…

and the novel delivers on all levels!” 
Dan Jevons, Chief Creative Officer, Dj2 Entertainment